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Welcome to SquareOz, a website with information of Callers, Cuers, Clubs and Events in Australia.


The website was created in 2014 with the aim of helping to keep square and round dancers informed. There will be regular updates of information and upcoming events so be sure to check it out regularly. You can also subscribe to our FREE monthly news update e-mail, which will provide all new flyers and events that have been added over the past month. The link to subscribe is below. If you would like your information added or updated please e-mail us, (check out our Contact page for more information.) Information about Callers, Cuers, Clubs and Upcoming Events/Fyers are on here, whilst you can find the latest Callerlab Definitions and Lists for every level from Basic/Mainstream through to C3A. There is also a page dedicated to future National Conventions with links to their websites. We hope you gain much benefit from using this website and please tell all your square dancing friends about us!


*Please Note - This website is not affiliated with any square dance association or organization, it is run as an independent site solely for the purpose of making our great activity even greater!



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